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How do we transmit the Genius Loci of a unique project?


By understanding and

taking in the feel of local qualities, traditions and atmosphere, ...


... and by choosing the right media compilation in order to evoke emotions, featuring drone shots, real recordings and computer graphics.

project details

The location of Harbord Diggers, in the wider Sydney region, with its sea and coastal views, constitutes a distinctive location for this development project which we visualized.

The restaurants, bars and outdoor areas have been combined and designed to appeal to people of all ages. These new facilities will be paired with access to fitness and aquatic facilities, wellness services and retirement communities. 

All services, facilities and features of the new Harbord Diggers have been designed to encapsulate the best for the community and to grant future generations a venue of which they will be proud.

Throughout the year, the club will host a range of fantastic entertainment events, programs and activities which will help create countless memories shared with friends and family, for residents and visitor alike.

Client: Chrofi Architects, Australia

Year of completion - 2017

Location - Sydney, Australia

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Sydney and 3d animation

Harbord Diggers with Chrofi Architects in Australia

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