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How can we transmit the values of a new airport concept?

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The expanded Bergamo Airport offers the ultimate aviation experience, surrounded by natural beauty, Italian tradition and culture.

Well known throughout Europe, especially due to its impressive growth rate, Bergamo’s Orio al Serio has become the third most active airport in Italy and a renowned gateway for the city of Milan. Its´ beautiful location at the foothills of the Lombary Alps together with an elaborate transport system, make it a highly attractive destination for both business and leisure travelers from all over the world.

Together with architects and master planners at oneworks, Italy, morean met the challenge to present the airport’s masterplan 2030 in a mixed-media film. We combined shots of the magnificent landscape surrounding the aviation hub with informative 3D sequences of the airport’s future expansion.

Impressions of Bergamo's urban lifestyle and of Italian culture completed the picture. Meanwhile, our on-site camera team got to enjoy the impressive north-italian landscape while capturing the nightly atmosphere around the city and, last but not least, the delicious food served at Bergamo’s wonderful restaurants.

Client: oneworks S.p.a.

Year of completion - 2015

Location - Bergamo, Italy

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