How can we experience the ride longest single-tower brigde of the future?


By traveling across the Tanshui river in virtual reality from one end to the other...



... and by hosting the vr experience in a uniquely designed and customized showroom in Taipei, Taiwan.

project details

Located at the mouth of Tamsui River that flows through the capital Taipei, the Danjiang Bridge is integral to the infrastructure upgrading program of northern Taiwan.

Zaha Hadid Architects, working with Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner and Sinotech Engineering Consultants, have won the international competition to design the new Danjiang Bridge in Taipei for the Directorate General of Highways, Taiwan, R.O.C.


For Sinotec's exhibition showroom, morean GmbH created a unique vr experience which allows the audience to travel across the river with all future means of transport. The vr experience is currently exhibited in Taipei.

Client: Sinotec Inc.

Exhibition: Link

Year: 2019

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