integrated intelligence

How can we achieve over 50.000 views within two weeks?

short & sweet

By creating a series of short, impacting movies that display all aspects of the new product, ...



... by delving inside the product to reveal its´ intricacy and all the technological advantages, ...

bigger picture

... by composing the right architectural context for the film and the clients´ CI.



project details

Changing types of collaboration require flexible lighting solutions that adapt to people’s individual needs. A study conducted by Zumtobel in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO has shown that users prefer lighting solutions that can be individually controlled. The SEQUENCE infinity pendant and surface-mounted LED luminaire perfectly meet these requirements. The films were created for the companies news blog lightlive in order to get light enthusiasts excited about this outstanding new product.

Client: Zumtobel GmbH

Year of completion - 2014

Location - in virtual space