a magical medical device

How can we visually communicate a break-through device for diagnose ?

laying founda-


By starting at the very beginning and searching for the right design language regarding a product never seen before, ...


ting the picture

... by developing a global design language, including packaging and logo design, ...


it in


... by focusing on scenes which easily portray the products´ ease of use, ...

dipping in

... and by looking inside the product, experiencing it's technological innovation on a microscopic scale!

project details

The berlin-based start-up genespots offers a breakthrough diagnostic device that tests for specific types of cancer. The so-called HEALTHLOGGER can monitor your own health from the comfort of your home. morean designed the testing device and crafted a product film that shows the features and usage of the healthlogger.

Client: Genespots UG, Berlin

Year of completion - 2014

Location - inside us