the orchestration of light


Pushing the qualities of light to its limits in VR

total immer-sion

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Our virtual reality showcase brings light simulation one step closer to reality. This makes it an exciting tool for light planners and architects who want to experience light immersively. It helps to better understand its influence on space and vice versa.

The VR animation for android VR headsets and cardboards called „The Orchestration of Light“ stages the beauty of the interaction between light, art, space and sound. Making use of our experience in VR gained during the last years, the scenographic play of light enables the viewer to discover the shown art space step by step.

There is a wide range of teething problems about virtual reality that are widely discussed. Besides motion sickness effects, an insufficiency in resolution and the feeling of isolation pose major challenges in VR when attempting to make the quality of light look authentic.

„The Orchestration of Light“ shows that light simulation has moved closer to reality than ever before. From our point of view VR is becoming an exciting rendering tool for professional light designers and planners who want to present the light sources they intend to install and to better understand their interplay with the surrounding space.

Our project is supposed to be a contribution to the debate within the lighting and design community about the future of VR in our industry.

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