Sciences po

Campus 2022

How can we communicate a new hub for modern political science?

By understanding the architect's vision and by carefully analysing the universitiy´s history, present and future needs... 

... by transmitting the unique concept of light, space and nature which will help future generations of students study more efficiently and more pleasantly...

... and by culminating with a climax portraying that very unique moment which all students, parents and teachers strive for -

the graduation ceremony!

project details

In 2017, François Chatillon Architecte and design partner Snøhetta, along with a large interdisciplinary project team, were commissioned by Eiffage Immobilier to submit a design proposal for the Sciences Po campus in Paris, France. The goal of the project was to imagine the Sciences Po of tomorrow - the Sciences Po Campus of 2022: a site that would function as a hub for modern political science with strong international anchoring. Snøhetta and François Chatillon Architecte’s design proposal is founded on the idea of creating a generous garden at the heart of Paris.

Client: Snohetta

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Year of completion - 2017

Location - Saint Germain Paris, France

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